Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 252
Current Weight: 197.6
Weekly Weight Loss: -0.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 54.4 lbs
Starting BMI: 36.2
Current BMI: 28.3

As has been my norm lately, I don't have much to report. Not much movement on the scale this week, but I will take a small loss after last weeks gain, and considering the holiday weekend with cookouts etc.

I'm looking forward to a normal week. I have picked up my C25K training after my recent illness and am getting ready to start week 7, which means there are no more walking segments left. It's straight out running from here on out. I'm also working on a schedule for a summer conditioning program for my hockey team, which I will take part in as well (if I can keep up with them).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh In - Derailed but not Deterred

Starting Weight: 252
Current Weight: 198.0
Weekly Weight Loss: +2.0 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 54.0 lbs
Starting BMI: 36.2
Current BMI: 28.4

This was bound to happen, but for the first time in 17 weeks I had a weight gain. I came down with a cold/upper respiratory infection last week. From Wednesday on all I wanted to eat was ice cream, popsicles or sherbert. And because of the chest congestion I wasn't able to stay with the C25K program. But that being said, I did still at least walk for a couple 30 minute periods while I was sick. It wasn't a run, but it was something.

The sore throat and chest tightness are much better today, and I'm ready to get back on the horse, with both my eating habits and my exercise. My son's last day of school is tomorrow, and we are going to go camping for a few days, then come home and do a lot of work around the house/yard for the rest of the long weekend. Both will supply plenty of opportunities for some good exercise/physical activities.

I've been worried as I have gone through this journey about how I would react when I had a gain. In the past it may have totally ended my good habits, but not this time. When I was eating poorly this week it didn't feel right. While it did provide some relief to the sore throat, it felt out of the ordinary, which I think it means that eating healthier is now the norm for me, which is a good feeling.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Public speaking, or even speaking to people I don't know individually, has never been a strong point of mine. But today I have been asked to attend our universities Employee Health Fitness Day event, and speak to people about the program that I started back in January that lead to my lifestyle changes and weight loss. And of course I have felt like I have been coming down with a cold since yesterday, so I don't really feel like talking to anyone. But I'm going to go to the event, and try to leave my comfort zone, in hopes of inspiring just one person to start a healthier lifestyle, so that before long they can feel as good as I do today (minus the cold).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Weigh In & C25K Week 5

Starting Weight: 252
Current Weight: 196.0
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 56.0 lbs
Starting BMI: 36.2
Current BMI: 28.1

I've not blogged much lately. This hockey coaching thing is taking an incredible amount of time already, and the season doesn't start for another 4 months. It's going to be a lot of work, but hopefully it will be a worthwhile experience for both the kids and me.

I don't think I have blogged about this, but I started the C25K program 5 weeks ago. I finished week 5 yesterday, which was a 20 minute run, with no walking. I really didn't think I was going to be able to do it. It seemed like such a big jump to go from two 8 minutes runs with a 5 minute walk in between to a straight 20 minute run. There were many times that I thought I was going to have to stop and walk for a bit, but I just kept telling myself to keep pushing for another minute, then I was within 5 minutes of finishing and decided I couldn't quit then. I made it the full 20 minutes without walking. I'm still waiting to experience that runner high I keep reading about, but I did feel good once I was done (and had a few minutes to recover).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 252
Current Weight: 197.8
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 54.2 lbs
Starting BMI: 36.2
Current BMI: 28.4

I've made it to onederland.

I'm a little surprised I'm not feeling a little more euphoria about that than what I am right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm very pleased about passing that milestone. It's something that didn't seem remotely possible a few months ago. But I guess I feel like I've got farther to go, farther I can go, and I don't want this to feel like it's the finish line.

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a lot of family and friends that I haven't seen since I started living a healthier lifestyle, and their reactions have been quite dramatic. I saw my grandmother at Easter, but when I saw her yesterday it was almost as if she didn't recognize me.

And I have a whole new reason to get (and stay) in shape. I found out last weekend that I will be the head coach for my sons travel hockey team next season. Besides my son I will have 19 other 13-14 year old boys that I am going to have to keep up with in practices and on road trips. I'm very excited about this, but it is going to be a huge challenge for me. This is something I wouldn't have even considered back in January when my weight was at its highest, but now I have more confidence and am ready to start doing things outside of my comfort zone.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poster Boy

It seems like I have spent a lot of time on here patting myself on the back. That hasn't been my intent. I started doing this blog mostly as finding away to hold myself accountable in my attempt to live a healthier lifestyle.

But another reason for doing this is because I want other people to know that lossing weight via lifestyle changes is very possible. If I can do it anyone can. Sometimes I think I should be the Poster Boy for "If I can do it anyone can". I just made some modest changes at first, pushing things a little more each day. Sometimes it seems like weight loss can be a slow process, but when I look back, it's actually been pretty quick. I have lost weight a lot faster than I ever gained it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 252
Current Weight: 200.6
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 51.4 lbs
Starting BMI: 36.2
Current BMI: 28.8

This was the smallest weekly weight loss I have had since I started but the good news is I'm not at all disappointed or frustrated. I knew my pace of would slow down at some point. I had lots of opportunities for my healthier lifestyle to be derailed (especially this weekend), but I stuck to the plan pretty closely. Most importantly I feel great.

I tried on the last pair of jeans that I could wear when I was my weaviest this weekend. While I still feel like I have plenty to lose, it was nice seeing how big those jeans are now. I'll try to get a picture in them tonight and post it tomorrow.

If all goes well next week at this time the number on the scale when I step on will begin with a 1.