Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh In - Derailed but not Deterred

Starting Weight: 252
Current Weight: 198.0
Weekly Weight Loss: +2.0 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 54.0 lbs
Starting BMI: 36.2
Current BMI: 28.4

This was bound to happen, but for the first time in 17 weeks I had a weight gain. I came down with a cold/upper respiratory infection last week. From Wednesday on all I wanted to eat was ice cream, popsicles or sherbert. And because of the chest congestion I wasn't able to stay with the C25K program. But that being said, I did still at least walk for a couple 30 minute periods while I was sick. It wasn't a run, but it was something.

The sore throat and chest tightness are much better today, and I'm ready to get back on the horse, with both my eating habits and my exercise. My son's last day of school is tomorrow, and we are going to go camping for a few days, then come home and do a lot of work around the house/yard for the rest of the long weekend. Both will supply plenty of opportunities for some good exercise/physical activities.

I've been worried as I have gone through this journey about how I would react when I had a gain. In the past it may have totally ended my good habits, but not this time. When I was eating poorly this week it didn't feel right. While it did provide some relief to the sore throat, it felt out of the ordinary, which I think it means that eating healthier is now the norm for me, which is a good feeling.

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