Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Shocking News

When I started my 12 week class back in January I had blood work done the same week. Here are some disturbing numbers from the January 27th test:

Cholesterol - 247
Triglycerides - 556
HDL - 30
LDL - 217

And here are my results from April 24th after losing almost 50 pounds and exercising every day:

Cholesterol - 158
Triglycerides - 107
HDL - 30
LDL - 107

I never thought the numbers could drop that much in just 3 months. I'm a little surprised that my HDL didn't change at all considering the changes in the other numbers. If anyone has any suggestions on how to increase my HDL I would love to hear them!


  1. WOW. That is an amazing impact in just a few months. Fantastic!

  2. Holy mackerel! That is a stark difference!

    HDL is the good cholesterol, right? I think most advice is to increase it with fish oils, omegas, coconut oil, that kind of thing.

    Though I have heard you can burp several hours later and taste fish -- which is kind of gross.

  3. WOO-HOO! Those are excellent numbers! Congratulations-Keep up the "great" work!